Q:What does the recommended damage waiver cover?
A:The damage waiver covers everything and anything that could possibly happen to the unit while it is in your possession. This low cost waiver plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your credit card can never be charged for any type of damage that may occur. Since it is your card on file with us, you are financially responsible for this unit not your roommate. It is important for you to realize that there will be a lot of young adults that will be traveling in and out of your son/daughters room throughout the year. Most of the damage that occurs is the result of someone else and NOT your son/daughter. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you protect yourself from any potential liability.

Q:I want to order the MicroFridge , but I do not know my roommate or my residence hall assignment.
A:You should fill out the order form and submit it from our order page. This way you have a unit reserved for the initial delivery date. If you find out your roommate has ordered also, or that they are bringing a refrigerator with them, you can cancel the order and get a full refund as long as the MicroFridge has yet to be delivered.

Q:Is the price for one or two semesters?
A:The rental price is for both semesters. If you are graduating mid-year or studying abroad for a semester, we do offer one semester rentals. All single semester orders must be placed over the phone by calling 800-525-7307.

Q:Is the MicroFridge delivered to my room?
A:Yes, we deliver the unit directly to your room.

Q:Can the MicroFridge be purchased?
A:Yes, the MicroFridge is available for purchase. See our Order Section for more details.

Q:What happens if the unit stops working?
A:We will replace your unit with a new one. See our Service Section for more details.

Q:What if my roommate and I both order the MicroFridge?
A:Our computer system recognizes duplicate orders and fully refunds the person who sent in the latter payment.

Q:Do we both submit a payment for half the amount or should one of us pay for the unit?
A:We ask that only one payment be submitted for the entire rental amount. Then you and your roommate can split the cost between yourselves.

Q:What if my room gets changed?
A:You must notify us immediately if you move the MicroFridge so we can change our records (Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to move the unit to their new room).

Q:How big is the MicroFridge?
A:The MicroFridge is 18-5/8″ W x 19-1/2″ D x 43-1/2″ H and weighs 88 lbs. The freezer is 0.7 cubic feet. The refrigerator is 2.1 cubic feet and the microwave is 0.6 cubic feet.

Q:Can I fit a Brita water filter in the fridge?
A:Yes, the following model will fit inside the refrigerators. Soho 6 cup https://www.walmart.com/ip/Brita-Soho-Water-Filter-Pitcher-with-Longlast-Filter-6-Cup-Black/101029757

Q:When is the MicroFridge delivered?
A:All orders received prior to August 1st will be delivered directly to the student rooms prior to the start of the academic year. See the delivery schedule for the exact date for your school.

Q:When is the MicroFridge picked up?
A:All units are picked up directly from the student room. See the pickup schedule for the exact date for your school.

Q:What is your cancellation policy?
A:All orders cancelled prior to delivery will receive a full refund. Delivered orders cancelled on or before 9/1 are subject to a $50 cancellation fee. All fees such as insurance and cleaning are non-refundable after the unit has been delivered. All orders cancelled after 9/1 are non-refundable but fully transferable.

Q:Can I purchase a protection plan to entitle me to a pro-rated refund if my student needs to leave campus for any reason?
A:Yes, our Purchase protection plan is the perfect option. Here’s how it works:

*The Purchase protection plan entitles you to a pro-rated refund of your Microfridge rental fee based on the following formula. The academic year is broken down into 6 segments. For example, if you cancelled your order anytime during segment 3, you would receive a refund for the remaining 3 segments which would equate to a 50% refund on your Microfridge rental fee (other fees such as insurance and cleaning are not eligible).

Segment 1 – Date delivered through September 15
Segment 2 – September 16 – November 15
Segment 3 – November 16 to December 31
Segment 4 – January 1 to February 29
Segment 5 – March 1 to March 31
Segment 6 – April 1 through end of spring term

*All cancelled orders under the PPP program are subject to a $30 early pick up fee which will be deducted from your refund.