Benefits of Renting vs. Purchasing


It’s Cheaper!

  • When splitting the cost with your roommate, it cost less than $50 per semester per student which is much cheaper than purchasing a unit
  • You may only need a fridge rental for your freshman year. After that, your school may be providing a fridge and microwave depending on the style of room that is offered.

It’s Way More Convenient!

  • We will have it installed into your room before you arrive on campus.
  • We will remove it from your room after you check out.
  • If it breaks down during the year, we come and replace it for you.
  • It’s one less thing you will have to pack and load into your car.

It’s Way Better for the Environment

  • Our units are ultra-energy efficient and use 40% less energy.
  • One less thing you will have to dispose of after college.